Volkswagen Wallpapers

Volkswagen is German car manufacturer, which was the biggest vehicle producer by volume by 2016 and today it is the second behind Toyota. The company owns popular European brands such as Lamborghini, Bugatti, MAN, Bentley, Audi. Volkswagen exports its models worldwide and specifically it is popular in Germany as well as China. The company has already plants, research and design centers in 17 countries including Kenya, Slovakia and South Africa and it does not stop as new offices are building each year around the world. The overall sales of Volkswagen never stopped growing in last decade and the company produced more than ten million vehicles each year compared to the previous last three years.

Volkswagen is popular due to its safety, design, outstanding performance, and affordability. Especially, the brand is cheaper than its main competitor - Toyota in Europe, as Japanese should pay for customs making their product a little bit more expensive. In addition, Volkswagen produces and designs models particularly for Europeans and offers a wide range of cars for any size of family or individuals, including supermini hatchbacks and compact sedans for small families, full-size sedans, and wagons for large families, compact and large SUVs and crossover for off-road lovers.

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