Nissan Wallpapers

Nissan is Japanese vehicle producer that sells its products in all continents worldwide. It is considered one of six the biggest car manufacturer around the world. Nissan is the most consumed car brand in a number of places such as Mexico as well as the whole North America, China, and Russia. In addition, a Japanese company is the bestseller brand of electric automobiles in history. The most popular all-electric model Nissan Leaf is equipped with batteries with outstanding capacities that awarded World Car of the Year in 2011 and many others honors.

Today, Nissan is essentially a producer of high-performance sports cars, such as 370Z, GT-R, sedans like Altima, Maxima, Sentra as well as SUVs such as Armada, Pathfinder, Qashqai, and Rogue. Like other auto manufacturers, Nissan produces own luxury cars under another brand, too – Infiniti. Moreover, unlike others, Nissan offers tuning modifications of its models making them in better design and equipped with engines that are more powerful under the brand of Nismo. Nismo sports modifications became the winner in world competitions several times. Several years ago, Nissan presented self-driving robotic cars based on Leaf model. The car was tested by several organizations and the company could get the license for selling such vehicles in Japan. Nissan has currently 44 factories in 22 countries.

Nissan wallpaper symbolizes competitive spirit, high performance, diversification, the absolute leader in the sphere, and popularity. For the activists who care about the environment and against gas emissions, other than Nissan Leaf wallpaper could not worth for your pc desktop. If you like sports cars, in this case choosing Nissan GT-R wallpaper or Nissan 370Z wallpaper for your mobile or table home screen would be the right choice. On the other hand, Nissan Pathfinder wallpaper, Nissan Qashqai wallpaper for those who prefer large crossovers and SUVs. provides for registered users to save any car wallpapers they like by clicking on Like button. So that you can at any time go to your personal page where you are able to download or share your saved amazing high-quality car wallpapers with all of your friends.