Mercedes-Benz Wallpapers

The father of the complete automobile industry Mercedes-Benz is German luxury vehicle producer whose head office is located in Stuttgart, Germany. Although all the model line is for the contingent above the average, special Mercedes-Benz ultra-luxury, presidential cars for the rich individuals are manufactured under the brand of Maybach. In addition to passenger cars, the company produces commercial vehicles too, such as coaches and trucks. Today, the brand became the most well-known company worldwide and trust for Mercedes-Benz has become so incredible due to its unbelievable quality, durability, and loyalty. The company always concentrated on research and development and many current standard safety technologies such as ESP, ABS, and brake assist are innovated by Mercedes-Benz specialists.

The company produces different vehicles regarding various classes. For example, hatchbacks are presented in A class, coupes – C class, crossovers – G class, luxury models – S class, sports cars – AMG and so on. It is not a secret that the head of the countries around the world choose Mercedes limousines as well as Maybach models as the main vehicle for themselves because of its impressive design, excessive power, brilliant safety, and authority.

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