Honda Wallpapers

Japanese automobile, motorcycle producer Honda presented its first product in 1946. In the period of last 6 decades till now, Honda became the biggest motorcycle producer in the world and 8th in the automobile industry. The company spends a lot of resource for researching in motor technologies as well as robots. The Japanese brand manufactures its products in 20 countries worldwide. The company has so many popular models and it is hard to find a person that does not know such models as Honda Accord, Honda Civic, and Honda CR-V. The reason is that these three models are included in the list of 10 the best selling automobiles in the history. Honda is mainly oriented in sedans, hatchbacks, crossovers, and motorcycles. Its small cars, as well as electric hybrid automobiles, are also very popular throughout the world.

No one argues about Japanese technologies and Honda could be the first on the list that always develops their vehicles and try new technologies in the equipment. When Honda started its business, there was already tough competition in the segment between Toyota and Nissan. However, because of the all-wheel drive system, hard work, and new ideas, Honda could find its target audience in the market easily. When Honda creates some new, innovative equipment, the company offer as an additional feature for an extra cost, then, after some period of time, it will be included in the basic complete set. The company also works on electric and hybrid automobiles. One of the most sold model – Honda Civic is now equipped with hybrid power units together with Honda Insight and Honda CR-Z.

Honda is the biggest motorcycle manufacture and sells millions of units of every year, especially it is in a high demand in the United States and British market. The marginal cost of its models is extremely low and Honda makes a lot of profit just due to a great number of massive sales. Honda Racing Corporation is a sub-directory of the company which attends in motorcycle competitions with Honda models. Since the 1980s, they won a number of International awards.

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